Greatpark (Warlingham) Management Company Limited (GPMC Ltd) has been established to manage Greatpark for and on behalf of its residents. It is a company limited by guarantee and its Articles (or rules) can be found in the residents’ area of the website. All purchasers of property in Greatpark are required to be members of the company.

GPMC Ltd is managed by a Board of Directors who are residents and give their services voluntarily.

The company’s financial year-end is the 31 December. The accounts are normally sent out to members at least 21 days before the AGM, which is usually held in June. Members may put themselves forward to be Directors. The meeting not only undertakes the more formal business of the Limited Company, approving accounts, appointing directors but also acts a forum for residents to express views or bring up matters regarding the running of Greatpark.

In addition, monthly Board meetings are held to discuss all aspects of the management of Greatpark, and residents are kept up to date via the website.

Directors can be contacted vis SHW  at

The current board of directors

Sally Hubbard – Apartments

Elected 2017. Moved to Greatpark in 2013

Responsible for: Ensuring good communication exists between the managing agent, apartment owners and the GPMC. Facilitating the maintenance of the communal areas of the apartment blocks, and ensuring the managing agent completes tasks in line with the schedule of works.

Alison Hills – Communication

Elected 2018. Moved to Greatpark 2003. Responsible for communication.

Tina Foreman – Finance

Elected 2018, Moved to Greatpark in 2003
Responsible for: setting the budget, controlling expenditure, and ensuring that we retain sufficient reserves to pay for long term recurring items of capital expenditure

David England – Estate maintenance

Elected 2018 Moved to Greatpark in 2003

Responsible for: facilitating the maintenance of Estate buildings & services, including  the water tower, roads and streetlights, gates and the pumping station. This includes reactive and planned works which is done in conjunction with the managing agent who is tasked with its implementation.

Mike Kan – Estate maintenance

Elected 2018. Moved to Greatpark 2015. Responsible for maintenance.

Maggie Foreman – Landscaping

Elected 2018. Moved to Greatpark 2003. Responsible for Landscaping and liaising with the Landscaping Sub Committee.

Harry Holbrook-Wilson – IT and Facilities

Co-opted Jan 2019 and then elected June 2019. Moved to Greatpark in 2018

Responsible for: IT, Website and Facilities (Cricket, Bowles, Tennis, Playground, Stables and Pavilion).


Code of Conduct and Responsibilities

This document has been agreed to by all Directors of GPMC Ltd and governs the way we operate.

Our vision: To ensure that residents trust us to make decisions, on their behalf, that will preserve the unique atmosphere and environment of Greatpark for current and future homeowners

Managing Agent

The day-to-day running of Greatpark is currently undertaken by our managing agent, Stiles Harold Williams, (SHW), under the direction of GPMC Ltd. They act as Company Secretary, collect service charges and arrange maintenance of the communal areas of both the apartments and Greatpark.

Further information about SHW can be found on their website

We have a dedicated property manager, Nigel Duffy, who can be contacted on 01273 876264 or 07793 305739, and by email to

Fault reporting and contact details can be found on this website on the contact page.